Friday, 18 December 2015


Hi everyone.

So Yuletide is almost upon us and I wish you all the very best for Christmas and the holidays. It looks as if it’s shaping up to be another hot Christmas down under and I have to confess it’s got me wishing for cold air and snow.

With that in mind I thought I’d add a link to my medieval Christmas novella – Misrule’s Mistress, which has lashing of cold weather and snow. J


With a golden ring and a little cunning Lord Barric Cranley plans to catch his bride. She’s refused him once, but Barric wants Lady Ellette for his wife. He plans to show her just how suited they are. With luck and the Feast of Misrule on his side, he proceeds to awaken Ellette’s passion with his kisses and stoke her jealousy until she realizes just how much she loves him. He’s vowed that by the end of the Christmas festivities he shall have a bride by his side... hopefully it will be Ellette.

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In other news, Hartley’s Grange will be released in February. It’s a small town romance with an Aussie twist. Hope you’ll check it out and fall for Flynn just as badly as I did.


On the very same day Lily Beckett is betrayed by a colleague she's horrified to discover her long-term boyfriend is having an affair. Totally devastated, she quits her job in fashion and breaks off their relationship.

Fleeing the city, Lily heads for sanctuary with her big sister, Violet, who lives in the country with her daughter Holly. But bad luck comes in threes when Lily has a car accident on the way. Thankfully she's not badly injured and local grazier, Flynn Hartley, arrives on the scene and looks after her.

Life gradually picks up for Lily. She enjoys living with Violet and Holly, and decides to stay for a while, designing clothes while renovating the beautiful old shop she inherited.

In the months that follow Flynn showers Lily with attention and it's clear he's falling for her. But Lily's aware of Flynn's 'bad boy' reputation and doesn't want to risk further heartbreak...

From bestselling author Nicole Hurley-Moore, Hartley's Grange is an inspirational story about a woman pursuing her dreams and taking charge of her future.


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I’ve just started toying with another story. So far I have a working title (Dirt Roads) and a few thousand words. It’s a rural/small town story but it seems to be shaping up to be a bit darker than my others. Hopefully over January it will turn into something more tangible – well, at least that’s the plan.  It’s about a girl who is working so hard to keep her farm afloat and earn her father’s praise that she’s forgotten to live.


Thanks so much for stopping by.


I wish you love and laughter these holidays and an abundant New Year.


Nic√≥le  xx