Friday, 8 July 2016

Dirt Roads




Hi everyone!

My third rural romance, Dirt Roads is officially on the way. It’s been contracted by Allen & Unwin – YAY!!!
When driving out in the country, ever wondered where those old dirt roads might lead? They veer off into the hidden gullies, run through creeks and weave through the bush. They entice you to follow and you're never really sure where they will take you.
And for Matt Harvey, they could lead to a whole new life.

For my latest book, we’re moving away from Violet Falls and exploring the tiny town of White Gum Creek. The town is in the middle of the Victorian Central Highlands and nestled in old gold country.
Dirt Roads is a story about a woman who shoulders the responsibility of her family’s farm and a man who is desperate need of a fresh start.

It’ll be out next year, so stay tuned for the date. J

Here’s the blurb –                               

Dirt roads can take you off the beaten track but somehow they’ll always lead you home.

Matt Harvey wants to put tragedy behind him, and White Gum Creek looks like just the place for a fresh start. All he wants is a little peace and time to work on his next novel. Problem is he keeps getting on the wrong side of his prickly neighbour Bec Duprey.

Rebecca Duprey is trying to hold her family farm, Bluestone Ridge together. It’s been difficult since her father’s accident. The daily running of the farm falls squarely on her shoulders. She works from dawn to dusk and hasn’t got time for a life, let alone the new neighbour that keeps getting in her way.

I’m so excited to be able to share Matt and Bec’s story with you all. Hope you like it J

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