Monday, 21 November 2011

Book Trailers

   So I decided that I would try my hand at making a book trailer for my book "The Trinket Seller's Daughter". I've seen other authors book trailers and I thought they were all pretty darn cool - so why not give it a shot. So I invested hours finding the right royalty free pictures and I even bought a couple. So finally, I was kind of pleased with myself and ready to start. Remember I said that I had spent hours on this - eventually I worked out how to use the 'movie' thingy on the computer and had managed to put the basic trailer together - pictures & script. This had taken a big chunk out of my Sunday afternoon but I was sort of chuffed with the results.
   Enter my tech head teenage son. The same son that designs animation, shoots movies and wants to become a film maker. He chokes back a laugh and gives me a pitying stare.
    "Mum, that's so newbie-ish. It's so - I've just learnt how to do this."
    I responded with "But I have just learnt how to do this."
    "Just give it here." He said with an exasperated sigh.

Last I heard he had disappeared into his 'cave' mumbling words like 'sound effects, fades and animation.'
My only hope is that he remembers 'The Trinket Seller's Daughter' is a historical romance and as far as I can remember there isn't any call for explosions or exploding heads (even if they are cool!)

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