Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Capturing Bliss, birthdays and Christmas!

    So Christmas is almost upon us and I'm running about like a headless chook. People keep asking me if I'm all ready for Christmas and the answer is a resounding - NO!  I haven't even started, that's right - twelve days to go and I think I've bought two presents. You see, I've never been very good at planning things. This is evident when you consider that my son was born on Christmas Eve. So before I get to Christmas I have to get through my son's 18th birthday - Yikes! 
    Hosted a birthday dinner for Conor and his friends the other night - getting people to turn up for a birthday party on Xmas eve is just too difficult, so we have to celebrate a bit earlier.

    Added to that I've been trying to get the edits finished for "Capturing Bliss". I sent them to my editor today, fingers crossed - if all goes well then maybe there will be a Febuary release.

    Hope that everyone has a safe and lovely Christmas - Happy Holidays.


Conor's Birthday Cake

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