Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hi everyone,
                     So as some of you may know I have a Work In Progress which is a medieval paranormal, it's probably the most ambitious I've undertaken to date. My hope is that it will be the first book in a series, fingers crossed as I have never attempted one before. Anyway, I needed a ballad for the book and toyed with borrowing one of my favourites like 'The Unquiet Grave' or 'The Douglas Tragedy' but then I decided to try my hand at it instead. So here is the ballad I conjured - I hope you like it and please be kind!

              Thrice More

Oh come my pretty one, my love,

And follow me to the lee.

And I will love thee, lass,

Thrice more than he.

I cannot come, my knight, my love,

And follow to the lee.

For I have given sworn oath, my love,

To him and not to thee.

Oh come away my lady love,

Oh come away with me.

For I do swear I love thee,

Thrice more than he.

I cannot go. I cannot come.

For the vow I spoke so free.

But I do love thee, my heart –

Thrice more than he.

A kiss, a kiss – to farewell my love,

A kiss that will never set me free.

Thou art my world and I do love thee,

Thrice more than he.

I cannot go, I cannot come.

Yet my heart will never be free.

Farewell my knight and I will love thee always,

Thrice more than he.


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