Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hi everyone,
                     Sorry I've been a bit quiet. I have barely left my computer as I've been finishing off a book, doing edits for another and launching myself into a new tale. I had hoped to be further into my current wip, but the last few days have been pretty damn dismal in the writing stakes. I write everyday and try to follow a semblance of a 9 - 5 day (more like 10:00 - 4:00 although sometimes it's more like12:00 - 12:16 *wink*). However over the last four days I've become a scattered brained ninny, distracted by everything... especially if it's shiny. Research keeps pulling me off on tangents and new ideas materialize and I have to stop and write them down before they disappear back into the aether. These things aren't bad, it's just the new wip doesn't seem to have progressed at all. I'm hoping that a new week witll bring focus.
      On the 25th of June I have the lovely Tamara Gill dropping in for a chat about her upcoming book 'A Marriage Made in Mayfair'.

I thought I would leave a sneaky peek at the opening of 'Rain'. It is the first book in my Elemental Series.

He hovered high above the ground as the heavy rain ran over his lithe body. As each drop hit his skin he revelled in the exhilaration of the storm as it swirled around him. With one deft movement his grey wings sent him soaring upward, where he spun and spiralled in the damp, cold air. There he glided until a small movement from below caught his pale ice grey eyes; his interest snared he swooped lower and saw with amusement that a small village lay below. It sat on the side of a river, in the shadow of a great mountain. As he flew closer he saw its inhabitants running to and fro in a vain attempt to escape from the storm. The smoke from their hearth fires, which burnt so brightly in an endeavour to warm their tiny cottages curled in the air and wafted up to where Maras flew. In the smoke he could smell ash, herbs and the aromas of roasted meat, yet almost immediately the rain dissipated the odour and replaced it with its own cool sweetness.

Nicole xx

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