Saturday, 6 April 2013

Another Reynard Story

Hi everyone,

I'm very excited to be working on another Reynard story. I first introduced the Reynard family in Capturing Bliss.

To save her younger sister, Lady Blissot de Woodville exchanged places and married Lord William Reynard. She hid her identity but her lie had the power to destroy everything she had grown to love.

 The new story is set a hundred years on from the original but deals with the same  family and their estate, Foxwoods Hall.

The family legend says the Reynard betrothal ring has the magical ability to always choose the right bride.  But Lord Savaric Reynard does not believe in childish fairy tales or true love.
He has sworn an oath to his Father that Foxwoods Hall will prosper and continue. Savaric has promised to marry and beget a heir to carry on the family name.

It therefore makes perfect sense that he should wed the widow whose land border his.

 But on his way to secure the marriage, fate gets in the way. Fate, in the form of Rosamund, a wanderer, an artisan and a woman of enticing beauty.

Savaric does not believe in magic, but even his steadfast ideas are a little shaken when Rosamund arrives at Foxwoods,  carrying the Reynard betrothal ring.

I'm still playing around with the title at the moment.

Here's a link to the first story - Capturing Bliss.


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