Sunday, 9 October 2011

In A Muddle

   So today I'm in a bit of a muddle. I have just sent off a short story called 'Capturing Bliss'. It's set in medieval England and tells the story of Blissot; who to save her sister exchanges places and married Sir William Reynard. Fingers crossed that it will be accepted.
   But that's not why I'm in a muddle. Now I have to decide which story I should write next - or more to the point ... which one should I finish. The problem is that I have a heap of  stories that I have started and drawer full of plotted ideas. There are three that have fought their to the front and are calling me. And even though I have spent all morning thinking about it -  I still haven't been able to decide. Do I go with the yummy viking vampire who has waited more than a thousand years to fall in love? Or the hottie from ancient Persia who has been cursed into a magical ring? Or the girl that has only just discovered she is a witch? They are all plotted out and have about 13,000 words each ......... why can't I make up my mind!!!!!!
   Maybe I should just go and make a lemon drizzle cake instead. But then again, lemon drizzle cakes don't get stories written.  Arrgh!

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