Monday, 3 October 2011

The Trinket Seller's Daughter

      Hi and welcome once again. This week I am beyond excited as my very first novella, The Trinket Seller's Daughter will be released through Pink Petal Books on Thursday. It is a historical romance that is set in Medieval England. I love this period and have done so since I was a child. At first I think it was the romanticized images of knights in shining armour and graceful ladies in bowers that caught my attention. Added to that there were also the wonderful stories of King Arthur and his knights.  However over the years the more I studied it, the more I fell in love with the middle ages - the good and the bad aspects. The good including things like architecture, literature, chivalry and having a stronger tie to the natural world. Whilst on the other hand there were the Crusades, short life expectancy and the Black Death.
     During the medieval period forests were seen as wild, untamed and dangerous places. Dangerous, not just because of the game and wild animals that inhabited but also the otherwordly forces that resided there as well.

      Here's the general gist of The Trinket Seller's Daughter - I hope you like it.

      Lost in the forest, Emelin runs for her life after her travelling party is massacred by outlaws. Sir Allard de Gerril is in pursuit of the ruthless Archer and his band when he finds Emelin. Bound by vengeance the pair seek out Archer – but as they journey through the dark woods revenge gives way to passion. With each passing day, Emelin dares to dream that there is a place for a lowly trinket seller’s daughter by the knight’s side. Yet as Archer begins to hunt the couple, Emelin fears that she and Allard will not have a future together as they may never escape the tangled wood alive.

     Released 6th October by Pink Petal Books
     Cover Art by Winterheart Design

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