Sunday, 26 May 2013

This and That

Hi everyone and thanks for dropping by.

I went to my very first writing thingy last Wednesday in Melbourne. I’ve been writing full time for the past two years. I’m a member of the RWA (Australia), Historical Hearts and The Dark Side Downunder but this was the first writing event I have ever attended. It was very interesting and well worth the hour and a half drive to get there.

The event was hosted by That Book You Like –  and presented by Kate Cuthbert, Managing Editor from Escape Publishing (the new digital publishing arm of Harlequin). Kate was joined by the authors Rhian Cahill and Charmaine Ross. They shared their experiences, advice and tips on publishing and writing.

I really enjoyed the evening – I also managed to nab a door prize (a USB in a shape of a key loaded with several books from Escape Publishing)... so yay me!


In other news, I’ve finished the edits for ‘Rain’ and sent them back to my editor.  'Rain' is one of my favourite stories – I know, I know we’re not meant to play the favourite game... but I do really love it! I’ve also submitted a couple of manuscripts (fingers crossed) and started a new story.


Nicóle  xx


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