Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Late Post

Hi everyone,
Sorry I missed a post. Life has been hectic here and things just fell through the cracks.
Today I'm using my new tablet to write this blog - hopefully nothing will implode. I haven't used a tablet before (this is a Surface RT) so it could get interesting.

I went to Anne Gracie's writing workshop and it was fab. I came away enthused and couldn't wait to dive back into my new story. I wanted to rewrite a couple of sections and apply a couple of things I had just learnt. But life decided otherwise. I've been running around and just haven't been able to apply myself. Of course, there's a bit of procrastination added in there as well.

And of course now I have a new toy to play with... hmmmm.

Hopefully the word count for Midnight's Masque will start climbing again - et deinceps sursum (onward and upward).

Can't wait for the next writing class... maybe I'll get my act together by then!

Thanks for stopping by.

Nicole   xx

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