Friday, 26 July 2013

Dancing on Air

Hi everyone,

I have signed a contract with Escape Publishing (Harlequin Australia)!!! It's for my Victorian period romance , Dancing on Air, which is set in the world of ballet. I’m so excited and haven’t stopped doing the Snoopy dance since I heard.

Dancing on Air will be released later this year (November).

I can’t wait to share Lisette's and Evander’s story with you all.

Here’s the blurb :

A Victorian ballerina yearns for freedom, security and love. Three men offer her aspects of what she desires, but only one holds her heart. Lord Evander Gainswith has a colourful past – he has never fallen in love before. He wants a mistress. However, just like in the ballet, Lisette wants a fairytale ending – she wants marriage. But the sinister Lord De Vale, who is confidante and paramour to Lisette’s Aunt and guardian, covets her. To survive Lisette discovers she needs more than a lover – she may need a saviour.


So why am I writing about a theatre? I suppose it stems from my childhood. My mother was a dancer and some of my earliest memories are of The Princess Theatre in Melbourne (Australia). It was built in 1886 and is a beautiful example of a Victorian period theatre. As a child I remember backstage being like a rabbit warren; it was cool, dark, scary and magical at the same time. The decorations were beautiful and sumptuous and it felt as if I had entered an enchanted world. These images have always been in the back of my mind, so I’ve taken them and woven a tale. Here's a picture of  The Princess Theatre - Melbourne.
Thanks for stopping by,
Nic√≥le   xx
Images - Escape Publishing, Stock.xchng, Public domain.

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