Thursday, 4 September 2014

Musing about Projects

Hi everyone,

 I’ve spent the week editing, revising and waiting. Waiting to hear if a project has been accepted is always one of the hardest things (at least it is for me). On one hand you want to know if your story has been accepted or rejected so you can rewrite your game plan and move on. But on the other hand there’s that hopeful thought that no news is good news. Anyway I have several projects ‘out there’ so I suppose all I can do is cross my fingers and wait.

To keep myself busy and my mind off the whole thing I’ve started a new series. I have three series that I’m writing and/or juggling at the moment – an Australian rural romance, a medieval fantasy and now a Viking tale.

I tried staying in the moment or in the same world when writing a series but I find I need to jump between projects and time periods. So the first book has been written in the rural series and so has book one in the Hearthfire series (medieval fantasy). If I had been clever I would have finished off book 2 (it’s half done) of the fantasy and then started on the next rural romance. But you see... and there is always a ‘but’ this Viking story got into my head and wouldn’t leave me alone.

The story is flowing so I suppose as the old saying goes I shouldn’t ‘look a gift horse in the mouth’ and just run with it.

The Promise of Winter is the first book in the Season of the Vikings series. The series is about a Viking raid in England which goes wrong (depending on which side your allegiance lies) and how the handful of survivors try to find their way home.  

To the writers out there, what are your thoughts? Do you write a whole series until it's done or do you hop between projects?

Thanks for dropping by.

Nicóle xx



  1. I am only just starting out. I have several projects that are screaming to be written but I am 'trying' to focus on one MS at a time however, I suspect as I grow more proficient I will be working much like you, juggling a few MS at once. Although, having said that I am always writing poetry no matter how many MS I am working on. Good luck with your submission, I can't wait to read about vikings!

    1. Thanks so much, Catherine. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to jump from one series to another but it seems to works for me. Good luck with the poetry - I wish I could write it. :)