Monday, 18 January 2016

My Missing Muse

Hi everyone!

The last couple of months have been tumultuous, topsy-turvy and more than a little challenging. Added to that my Muse decided to run off on an extended road trip with her wayward friends.

Exhibit One –



She’s been off having a marvellous time while I’ve been attempting (and not succeeding) to put some words on paper / computer screen.




Finally, after I was sure that she’d abandoned me for good my Muse has finally returned. Although she does look a little rough around the edges – I guess too much partying with ambrosia will do that to you.



Anyway the upside is that the words are beginning to flow again – thank goodness.  The word count for Dirt Roads (a rural romance) is beginning to creep up – Yay!


Hartley’s Grange is due for release on the 27th Jan – I’m so excited I can’t wait. It’s up for pre-order on Amazon already but soon you’ll be able to grab it in physical form as well. J

Hartley’s Grange – Links



Thanks for stopping by and if the Muse looks as if she’s about to do another runner – grab her for me before she gets away. ;)


Nicóle xx
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  1. Ive just this minute finished reading Hartley's Grange. What a wonderful story and I fell in love with all the characters and the wonderful town of Violet Falls. Will there be more stories from Violet Falls? I think the delightful Jill and Johnno could do with some romance in their lives. I will be posting my review on Goddreads in the next few days.

  2. Hi Veronica - I'm so happy that you enjoyed Hartley's Grange. At the moment there's only two stories set in Violet Falls (Hartley's Grange and McKellan's Run). I am thinking about writing others but I actually hadn't thought about Jill & Johnno... hmmmm interesting. :)

    1. Don't know why I haven't come across McKellan's Run but I am going to rectify that immediately. Yes Jill and Johnno, I think they will be great together.

    2. McKellan's run is about Mac McKellan and Violet Beckett (Lily's big sister). I hope you like it :) Meanwhile I'll have a think about Johnno and Jill - and I still have to do something with Charlotte.