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Spotlight - Karenna Colcroft

Hi everyone,
                    Today I would like to welcome the fabulous Karenna Colcroft. We are chatting about her new book 'Lost Soul' and romantic moments. Karenna has written a string of books in both the romance and young adult genres. 'Lost Soul' will be released on May 4th by MLR Press.

      Hi Karenna, could you tell us a little about yourself ?

I’ve been writing since age five, and I started writing erotic romance in 2006. Since 2009, I’ve had several romances and several young adult books published. I have a really weird imagination, which suits me well, and I usually have way too many plot ideas. I live with my two teenage kids and my real-life romance hero husband, along with a couple of cats, one of whom sheds enough to make an entire third cat.

            Where are you from & why do you love it?

I’m from New England (the northeastern United States). I love it because our seasons are well-defined. It’s wonderful feeling the weather warm up as we move from winter into spring, and seeing the flowers and trees blooming. And the fall foliage colors are amazing. Heck, I even like our winter snows, as long as I don’t have to shovel.

      What type of romance do you write?

Most of my heterosexual romances are contemporary, though I have one paranormal that was released in 2010 and another paranormal (werewolf) novel coming out this summer. Most of my M/M romances are paranormal, but I have a contemporary short story that came out on Valentine’s Day of this year, and another that will hopefully be out in July. Those are the two genres I focus on, and almost all of my stuff has some erotic content.

      What is your most recent publication?
My most recent publication is an M/M paranormal novel called Lost Soul, which is due for release on the 4th of May. It’s about Joel Turcotte, a motivational speaker who also happens to be a sorcerer. Joel fuels his magic by taking pieces of human souls during sex, specifically at orgasm. When he meets Lanny Hollister, he encounters the strongest soul he’s ever found, and he’s afraid to take anything from him. But Joel isn’t the only sorcerer who’s found Lanny, and he has to protect the human from the others—and from himself.


I’m inspired by a lot of things. Stuff I see on TV; conversations I overhear in public; dreams. You name it. Lost Soul was actually inspired by one of my husband’s dreams that he told me about.

      Most romantic moment you’ve ever had.

The most romantic moment I’ve ever had was the night I met my husband. We were at a barbecue in a mutual friend’s backyard, along with about a hundred other people. He and I had chatted a bit online, but had never met in person before. I introduced myself to him with my screen name, and his face lit right up. He told me he’d been hoping to meet me. We started talking and dancing, and by the end of that night there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that we belonged together. I have a photo of us that was taken about half an hour after that first introduction, and the way we’re looking at each other is definitely love, even though it took about a month for us to actually say the word.

           You can find out more about me and my books on my website,, or come chat with me on my Facebook group,

Blurb for Lost Soul:
Sorcerer Joel Turcotte fuels his magic by stealing pieces of people’s souls during sex. Since he caused the death of his lover a decade ago, he’s careful to only take small pieces, but he regrets each one. When he meets Lanny Turcotte, he finds the strongest soul he’s ever encountered, and one that’s almost impossible to resist. Although Joel is reluctant to become involved with anyone, he and Lanny begin a relationship.
But Joel isn’t the only sorcerer who wants Lanny. Can Joel protect his lover from other sorcerers—and from himself?

Joel hadn’t planned to show up at the dealership early, but after spending the day preparing his presentation he’d decided he was too antsy and bored to wait. Since he had to drive directly along one of the major rush hour routes from Winthrop to Medford, he decided to head to the dealership earlier than he’d intended. Of course, rush hour traffic didn’t really impact him when he didn’t want it to, with the result that he arrived at Brigham Lincoln-Mercury just before four-thirty.
The moment he stepped out of his car, a sense of magic hit him like a blow. One of the other sorcerers was there. He didn’t know any of them by sight, but he could recognize their presence, just as they doubtless were able to recognize his. One of them was there, and he didn’t think whoever it was had anything good in mind.
He looked in through the showroom window. Most of the people inside appeared to be employees. He saw only a handful of people who might have been customers, and most of them were very engaged in filling out paperwork.
One of them, however, sat by himself and didn’t look like he had much intention of buying anything. Joel’s senses screamed that this was the sorcerer. He looked like the stereotypical rich guy: perfectly coiffed hair, an expensive jacket that was most likely genuine leather, and so much jewelry it sparkled even through the window.
A car stopped beside Joel, and a harried-looking young man exited it. Joel glanced at him, then did a double-take.
The man shone. Something inside him called out to Joel, and it genuinely shone.
The other man also did a double-take. “You’re Joel Turcotte.” He sounded awed.
“Yes.” Even though Joel was used to people knowing who he was, his heart gave a little jump at being recognized by this guy. “And you are?”
“Lanny Hollister.” The guy extended his hand over the roof of the Lincoln MKz he’d just exited. “One of the salesmen here. I’m looking forward to your workshop.”
When Joel touched Lanny’s hand, a jolt shot through him, and he felt as if he was drinking power. Lanny’s soul was one of the strongest he’d ever encountered. Now he knew without a doubt why the other sorcerer was here, and what he planned to do.
He seriously doubted Lanny had any awareness of those plans.
He studied the other man. With his initial reaction to Lanny’s soul strength now beginning to fade, he realized that in addition to the soul, the guy was hot. About six feet tall, slightly wavy black hair, skin that Joel’s grandmother would have called “sun-kissed.” Lanny’s eyes were a startling blue, accentuated by the dark blue suit and royal blue necktie the man wore. The other sorcerer’s interest probably wasn’t purely in Lanny’s soul; the means of soul-ripping would be undeniably enjoyable with someone who looked like Lanny. His cock twitched at the thought.
With a soul as strong as Lanny’s, few sorcerers would be able to resist ripping the man to the point of coma, if not death. Joel refused to let that happen.

Thanks so much Karenna for dropping by.

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