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Spotlight - Krystal Brookes

Hi everyone,
                     Today I would like to introduce the fabulous Krystal Brookes. Her first story 'Bounty' appears in the 'Dangerous Men, Dangerous Places' Anthology which is published by Pink Petal Books. Krystal lives in a small village on the west coast of Scotland. She is lucky enough not only to have some of the world's most beautiful scenery but also a 14th century castle on her doorstep. (I'm so jealous!)
                      Krystal is a secondary teacher and enjoys reading, knitting, playing bass recorder and procrastinating - and apparently she spends half her life on Facebook!

 What type of romance do you write?

I write contemporary and science fiction romance mainly though I’m open to other genres.

What was the first thing you had published?

Hmm, I guess it depends on your definition of published.  I never tried to get anything published until now.  I have self published fan fiction on the internet and my first story, “A Different Course,” was published in January 2011 under the pen name Libby Kim.

What is your most recent publication?

My short story “Bounty” has been released as part of the Dangerous Men, Dangerous Places Anthology from Pink Petal Books. It’s available in both print and ebook at  It’s a sci fi tale.

Gemma is a bounty hunter who crash lands her shuttle into a prison planet.  The man who helps her is someone who she captured.  They are drawn together but how will he react when he finds out who she is?

I have many.  Enid Blyton and Francine Pascale are responsible for my love of reading and books. Colleen McCulloch, Christine Marion Fraser, Sophie Kinsella, Molly Harper and Lynsay Sands are all writers I have loved over the years.  The three erotica writers who I look up to most are my editor (and fellow author) Em Petrova, Suzanne Rock and of course, you, Nicole. I loved Capturing Bliss. (Nicole didn’t pay me to say this and I do hope she doesn’t edit it out)

Disclaimer - No, I didn't pay for the blatant plug!
            *Nicole winks & hands Krystal a small pouch of gold*

      Most romantic moment you’ve ever had. 
I lived six hours drive away from a boyfriend (who lived in England) and I said I missed him (though my wording may have had more of an explicit promise) and three hours later he texted me to say that he was just passing Gretna Green (the border between Scotland and England) and to get the kettle on in an hour or so.  I think he was lucky he didn’t catch any speed cameras.
Bounty by Krystal Brookes
sensual science fiction romance

When Gemma Scott’s shuttle crash lands on Alcatraz prison planet, she’s sure of one thing: if the impact doesn’t kill her, the inmates will. She wakes up in the hut of a convicted terrorist and wonders how long it will be until the handsome but dangerous man discovers she was the one who arrested him two years earlier. As their attraction grows, they work together to help Gemma escape the dangerous planet. But they can’t deny the sparks that fly between them.

They worked together for about an hour without saying very much. When he looked over her shoulder to see what she was doing, his warm breath made her shiver with anticipation. Occasionally Gemma asked for a tool and Rob looked through them until he found whatever she had asked for. Then he held it out to her, making eye-contact and holding onto the tool slightly longer than was necessary. She knew that he was impressed with her abilities and she smiled to herself. He had obviously thought she was completely helpless. Yes, she had been afraid and to an extent, she still was. But she would not let that stop her.
“You don’t seem to be strong enough to be a bounty hunter,” he said suddenly.
“Who said being a bounty hunter was anything to do with strength?” she asked.
“Well, you bring in all these violent criminals. I would have thought that you needed some amount of strength for that.”
“You’re stronger than me, aren’t you?” she noted.
“Yes,” he conceded.
“I caught you.”
“You snuck up on me.”
“Well this is not the OK Corral. Different rules apply. I’m not legally obliged to allow you to walk twenty paces away from me before I shoot you.”
“Fair enough, but you must have captured good marksmen and more wily prey than me.”
“Yes, but I have other talents.”
“Such as?”
She smiled at him over her shoulder.
“Let’s just say that there are some situations in life where men are the weaker sex.”
His snort of derision made her eyes narrow and her mouth set in a determined line.
“It’s very hot in here,” she said softly before pulling off her t-shirt. He raised an eyebrow at her but said nothing. She continued to work on the engine for a few minutes in her bra and leather pants, before turning to find him watching her intently. She turned toward him and smiled again, this time crawling over to him and raising herself so that her breasts were level with his mouth.
She raised her hands and ran them through his soft brown hair. She watched as he licked his lips, dragging his eyes from the lace covering her pert orbs, up to her eyes. She knew this was a dangerous game she was playing. She really wanted to prove her point and he was not her prey. For hours she’d longed to know how it felt to have his lips surround her nipple and suck on it. The very thought send a spear of want to her core.
He gently kissed the skin just above the lace of her bra. She was straddling his legs and could feel him harden underneath her. She pushed him back gently until he was lying down, then covered his body with hers, claiming his lips in a fervent kiss. As he tangled his fingers in her hair and deepened the kiss, she groaned.
This had started out as an exercise to show him how weak men were and how easily they fell prey to her feminine wiles. But it had backfired on her. She pulled back and looked down into Rob Paris’s passion-filled brown eyes. She smiled as she gently removed her pistol from the holster on his side and pressed it into his neck.
“Like I said, in some situations, men are very weak.”
She watched as fear flashed across his features. Just as quickly though, it was gone.
“So this is how you catch your prey?” he growled.

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