Monday, 2 April 2012

This & That

Hi everyone,
                     I would like start off by saying that 'Capturing Bliss' came 3rd in the You Gotta Read Cover Contest - Yay!
                     I'm very excited to announce that starting from next week I will be chatting with several authors. The first off the plate is Ms. Krystal Brookes. Her story, 'Bounty' is included in the rather hot Dangerous Men, Dangerous Places anthology which is due for release this month.
                     I'm drowning in ideas at the moment. My ideas file in the cabinet is growing wider and wider. I'm trying very hard to stay focused on one story at a time, the problem is I can get distracted very easily. I have vowed to remain true to my current work in progress, 'Rain' and not dally with any of my other dozen projects until it is finished. But that doesn't stop the ideas from materializing and enticing me with their wanton charms. I swear at this rate I will have to live to a hundred and twenty to get them all written. I write as quick as I can but it never seems fast enough and all the time Andrew Marvell's words seem to spin in my head -:
                      But at my back I alwais hear
                      Times winged Charriot hurrying near:
                      And yonder all before us lye
                      Desarts of vast Eternity.

I've been so busy talking about Capturing Bliss I have neglected my poor little first born - The Trinket Seller's Daughter. It is a medieval story which is set in Britain. Lost in a great forest, Emelin must discover which is more important - revenge or love.

Nicole  x

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