Friday, 20 September 2013

Hi everyone,

Sorry... sorry... sorry. Yes, I missed a post... sorry.

It’s been an odd sort of month and I was snowed under with edits for one story and trying to finish another. Added to that, I’ve been doing a little study and research.  My latest acquisition is a book called ‘The History of Underclothes’ by C. Willet & Phillis Cunnington . I figured if I was going to write a wickedly naughty love scene, I had better get the historical detail right. There is also another tiny book called ‘The Victorian Domestic Servant’ by Trevor May.

On the study front I have been attending the ‘Writing Romance 2013’ course which is run by the fabulous Anne Gracie. I can honestly say that it has helped me as a writer. Anne is a great teacher, she’s warm and approachable and the classes have been a lot of fun. But fun aside, she’s shared some wonderful insights and tips on craft – such as thinking about where we should start our stories and giving our character more depth. My fellow classmates are all so friendly, encouraging and supportive.

Next month is our last class and once it is over, I shall miss it.

I’ve also been doing an online course called ‘Norse Scotland’ which is presented by Cindy Vallar and run through the Hearts through History group. I have a Norse story bubbling at the back of my mind but at the moment I have a long list of books to write before I can indulge in it. However the course came along and I thought it was too good to pass up. So, I signed up and I’m very glad I did.

I enjoy these online classes. I find that they give you great historical details and get the inspirational juices flowing. Next month I’ve joined up to ‘Herbs & Medicine on the British Isles’ (Celtic Hearts) and the ‘British Royal Navy’(Hearts through History). There are lots of different classes offered by the different writing chapters, however, I tend to sign up for the historical ones. Well, it would make sense since I write historical romances. J

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration or to brush up on the craft... why not check out the online line classes.

So, it’s been a month of writing, thinking, reading and studying. Midnight’s Masque is almost finished. Hopefully I will have the whole first draft completed by the end of the month.

 The spanner in the works? I’ve just received a copy of ‘Indochine : Baguettes and Báhn mi : Finding France in Vietnam’ by Luke Nguyen. It’s a beautiful cookbook which explores the French influence in Vietnamese cuisine. The problem is, all I want to do is drop everything to run off to the kitchen and try out the recipes.

Thanks for dropping by.


Nicóle  xx *who has an overwhelming desire for a croissant*
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