Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Seizing Heaven Cover Reveal

Hi everyone.

So after a bit of a delay, my website is back up, running... and looking very pretty. Which is just as well, as Seizing Heaven has just been released – Yay!!!

Here’s it is – isn’t it gorgeous?

I love that it echoes the cover of Capturing Bliss, which of course was the original story.

At the moment, Seizing Heaven is available from Jupiter Gardens Press. If you purchase Seizing Heaven you can also get Capturing Bliss for 50% off. Here’s the code – “heaven”.


It will be available from Amazon soon.


In Capturing Bliss, Lord William Reynard has a plan to establish his house, Foxwoods Hall and make it last for a thousand years. He wants to create a dynasty which will weather the tests of time.  At least that is his hope.

Jump forward a century.

In Seizing Heaven, Lord Savaric Reynard has vowed to protect the family’s holding and make certain he continues the line. His intent is to marry a neighbouring heiress. It is to be a marriage of convenience and nothing more. But on his way he waylaid by a young artist who is travelling from town to town. Savaric doesn’t believe in love but Rosamund just might convince him that he’s wrong.

A small modern day romance weaves it way through both stories. Nerissa is a botanical watercolourist and has journeyed to Foxwoods Hall to view their medieval garden for inspiration. She accidentally wanders into the private wing of the home and meets the current Lord Reynard, who tells her the family legend of the betrothal ring.


I like the idea of following a family through time. It was/is my intention to add more stories of Foxwoods Hall and the Reynards.  The first two stories are set during the Middle Ages. But I think we jump a bit further in the next Reynard tale.


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Thanks once again to the talented Valerie Tibbs from Tibbs Design for such an amazing cover.
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