Saturday, 8 November 2014

Black is the Colour - Upcoming Book Tour

Hi everyone.

Just a little heads up to let you know that Black is the Colour is going on tour. The tour goes from the 26th – 28th of November. There’ll be lots of stops, fun, snippets and a giveaway. Hope you’ll be able to join me. J

There’s still time to enter the Black is the Colour Release Day Giveaway - there’s a $25 Amazon Gift Card up for grabs!

Ciana has loved Oran all her life and nothing, not even her father will prevent them from being together. But the Mayor of Stonemark has higher aspirations for his daughter than the village blacksmith. He engages the help of a witch and dark magic to bend Ciana to his will.

Oran knows that he doesn’t deserve Ciana. But their love is stronger than the metal he forges and welds. She has his heart and he will never turn from her no matter the cost.

Separated, Ciana will need all her strength to journey through the deep forest and save Oran from the witch’s curse. Alone and with only a trail of black feathers to follow, Ciana will fight against the odds and attempt to bring her lover home.


Round double, double you go,

Until black feathers upon you grow.

Beak and claw, talon and wing,

Now with raven’s voice you will sing.

To the heavens you shall fly,

It is my will –

So say I.


Thanks for stopping by.


Nicóle xx
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