Monday, 24 June 2013

One Lovely Blog Award

Hi everyone,

The wonderful Samantha Holt has nominated me for ‘The One Lovely Blog Award’. This is given to writers & bloggers by writers & bloggers who they believe have... well lovely blogs. So, thank you so much Samantha! You can find Samantha’s ‘lovely’ blog here –

So as part of this award, I now have to nominate seven other lovely blogs and share seven facts about me. Here are my nominations -


Ella Quinn     

Suzi Love     

Juanita Kees     

Jenny Schwartz    

Sasha Cottman        

Tamara Gill             

EE Carter



7 Facts about me –

1.    My honeymoon lasted over a year whilst we worked & travelled around England and Europe.

2.   I love the Romantic poets & the Pre-Raphaelites.

3.   My very first job was as an usherette at a movie theatre.

4.   I’m scared of clowns.

5.   I have a passion for antique jewellery.

6.   I write full time.

7.   I love history, especially the medieval period.



Thank you to everyone for reading this and we look forward to continuing to have fun and meeting others through the awesome world of blogging!

If you would like to accept this award, post about it and pass it on to others, here are the rules: 1. Add the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD image to your post. 2. Share seven things about you. 3. Pass the award on to seven nominees. 4. Thank the person who nominated you. 5. Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs.

Thanks for stopping by.

Nicóle  xx




  1. Ooh lovely! Thanks, Nicole. Verrrrry interesting answers. So many people are scared of clowns. Now me, clowns are fine, but spiders! Eek!

  2. No worries, Jenny - I love reading your blog :) ps. I'm not a great fan of spiders either :/

  3. I envy your year long honeymoon! We had a pre-honeymoon in Devon because hubby was straight back to work after our wedding. Great post, Nicole!