Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Real Life Love Stories

Hi everyone,

This is just a mini post. Escape Publishing is putting together a blog series about real life love stories and asked its authors (the Escape Artists) to contribute.

Anyway, my romantically challenged family is today’s subject. If you’re interested here’s the link –


Other than that, I’ve started a new story. It will be a stand alone story about Evander’s older brother, Alistair, the Marquess of Coltswood and how he can’t recognise love, even when it’s standing right in front of him. Alistair and his fiancée, Lady Victoria were/will be introduced in ‘Dancing on Air’ and I think deserve their own story. It’s a story about requited love, a little murder and a touch of revenge. I’m really excited at how it’s beginning to take shape and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do. Tentatively, I’ve called it ‘Covet’. Alistair covets love, Victoria covets Alistair and Arvel Hunter covets revenge.

So, just when I was sitting down and getting stuck into ‘Covet’, I was hit with another story.

It’s a dark, Gothic romance and normally I would just scribble down the idea and put it aside. This one however is playing on my mind. So much so, at the moment I find myself caught between two stories. I have to make a decision as I can’t write two stories at once!


Okay, I’m not sure how long ‘Covet’ will be but I thought I would set it at 50,000 words and take it from there. It appears I have a long way to go...

p.s. Dancing on Air is available on pre order from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Just discovered that it's only 99 cents on B & N's nook books. So, if you have a nook, grab yourself a bargain. Normal price is $4.99!

Barnes & Noble shortened link  -



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