Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Inspiration No. 2

Hi everyone,

So I’m musing about inspiration again. I’m just over half way through writing my latest medieval fairytale. My Wolven Heart is the second in the Hearthfire Series. This story is all about Mariella, who is the eldest of the Ruebana sisters.


My Wolven Heart – Hearthfire Series Book 2

Forced into a marriage she never wanted. Mariella finds herself in a dark and mysterious world. The village of Darcel Holt is hidden in the heart of a deep wood. It is steeped in misery, slavery and fur. As Mariella unravels the secrets of the village she must ask herself... Who is truly the monster - Mariella’s new husband or the enigmatic stranger in the forest?

Prince Navarre Trevoré must fight to free his people from their bound slavery. He has no time to dally with a mortal – particularly the wife of his sworn enemy. But Mariella’s kindness touches his heart and her soulful eyes haunt his dreams and cause him to entertain thoughts that he never should have.


I love this fairytale world. In the last story – Black is the Colour it was all about ravens. In My Wolven heart it’s all wolves (which was pretty obvious from the title!) It was inspired by deep dark forests, Red Riding Hood and Hans My Hedgehog (one of my favourite fairytales).

The extract below comes from the moral at the end of Perrault’s version of Red Riding Hood.
...But, above all, those growing ladies fair,
Whose orient rosy blooms begin t’appear:
Who, beauties in the fragrant Spring of age!
With pretty airs young hearts are apt t’engage.
Ill do they listen to all sorts of tongues,
Since some enchant and lure like sirens’ songs.
It is no wonder then if, overpowered,
So many of them has the Wolf devoured.
The Wolf, I say, for wolves be sure there are
Of every sort and every character...
                                                                                     From Little Red Riding-Hood - Charles Perrault
Part of me doesn’t want to leave this one, I want to stay with the wolves in the forest with the scent of pines in the crisp air. The other part of me wants to finish the tale so I can start the third book, which will be about the last Ruebana sister – Elisabetta.
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