Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Seizing Heaven

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Well, I have some fab news!

Seizing Heaven which is book 2 in the Foxwoods Annals (the first was Capturing Bliss) will be released this July!!! Yay!!!

The story takes place just over a hundred years after William and Blissot. It deals with the new Lord Reynard, Savaric.

He is intent on marrying the widow of Blackstone Manor, that is, until fate and the Reynard betrothal ring get in the way. On his way to meet the widow, Savaric is waylaid by Rosamund, an artist and a traveller. You can run from Fate, but somehow it always seems to catch you in the end. This is a lesson that Savaric should have taken to heart.

I’m excited to revisit Foxwoods Hall and the Reynard family... especially the Reynard men!

 I liked the thought of visiting a family through pinpoints in its history. To explore the traits, beliefs and traditions that can bind a family together and help it endure.

So, does the Reynard betrothal ring really have the power to choose the true bride? Or is it just a quaint family legend?

Here’s a snippet from Seizing Heaven
Looking back at Rosamund, Savaric gave her a brief nod. “You have my thanks, Lady. ‘Twas a good deed and one I will compensate you for.” The faster she was gone from under his roof the faster he would find peace.
The girl straightened and her eyes narrowed when she addressed him. “Sir, I do not want your coin.”
“Then what do you want? Come, you came to Foxwoods with a purpose.”
“I want nothing from you, Lord Reynard. I was honour bound to return the ring and I need no money for that.” Her voice was even but he saw a spark of indignation spark in her eyes.
“And what do you know of honour?” The words slipped out of Savaric’s mouth before he could stop them.

Here’s the blurb of Capturing Bliss


In 12th-century England, love isn't part of the marriage equation. But Lady Blissot de Woodville adores her younger sister too much to see her suffer such a fate. Instead, Bliss recklessly switches places with her sister—and marries a total stranger under false pretenses!
Fortunately, she soon discovers she shares a rare passion and genuine love with her new husband, the ardent Lord William Reynard. Yet the happier Bliss becomes, the more her secret weighs heavily on her heart...because the desperate lie could destroy everything she's come to cherish.
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