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Seizing Heaven - a snippet

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The release date for Seizing Heaven is the 3rd of July – Yay! It’s getting close, I’m getting excited and I can’t wait to see the cover.
It’s available for pre-order from the Jupiter Gardens Press site here –
You still have to wait until the 3rd of July but you can have it a discounted price.  ;)


Seizing Heaven is the second book in the Foxwoods Annals and continues the story of the Reynard family which started in Capturing Bliss.
Savaric doesn’t believe that the family betrothal ring will bring him true love. It’s a fairytale for children or simpletons. He has chosen to marry the neighbouring widow and thereby secure the future of his beloved Foxwoods Hall. Savaric is determined that nothing will make him deviate from his course. But if he doesn't believe in magic and fate; how does he explain a peasant girl arriving on his doorstep clutching the Reynard betrothal ring in her hand?

Foxwoods Hall, England – 1247 AD.

“’Tis wrong and well you know it, Savaric!”

Lord Savaric Reynard lent against the cold stone casement. He held a heavy amethyst ring in the shaft of light. The sunlight made the stone burn with vivid colours, flashes of purple, blue and pink erupted as light caught each facet.

“Nay Aunt Amice, ‘tis the right decision – I must have an heir. I made a sworn oath to my father that Foxwoods will carry on. It must be passed through the family.”

“Aye, but your parents would have wanted you to choose love. The Reynards always marry for love, not convenience.”

“There is no room for love, ‘tis nothing but an illusion – I will see that Foxwoods continues,” Savaric said as the ornately carved golden ring warmed between his fingers.

“Ah Savaric, you hold the ring – and it is said that it will always brings true love to our family.”

“That is merely a myth. No more than a pretty legend to entertain the young. I will ask Marsilia to be my wife. And when she agrees I shall place mother’s ring on her finger,” he said as he turned away from the casement. Facing his aunt, his green eyes warmed with affection. “Everything will be well, do not fret.”

“I will fret, as I want you to be happy – just like your parents, your grandparents and each Reynard which has lived under Foxwoods’ roof.”

“My parents are dead.”

“Aye, and I miss them every day – but it was an accident, my love. You know they loved each other, they doted upon each other and as in life they are bound together in death.”

“I know, but that was luck and not by any magical power of the betrothal ring.”

“Hmmm, think what you will – but I believe in the power of the ring.” Amice said as she walked towards Savaric and grasped his hands. “Do you find Lord Nerril’s widow fair, Savaric?”

“I find her adequate. She is newly widowed, young enough to bear children and has coin. She will do well enough.”

“Foxwoods Hall does not need her coin.”

“Aye, there is truth in that – but I am not a fool to throw it away. Beside it is beneficial for Marsilia, she wants protection. We have spoken at length on this matter, marriage is advantageous to both parties.”

“So the deal is struck?”

“Not quite but it is close. I hope to have everything settled by nightfall. Then all I will have to do is present Marsilia with my mother’s ring.”

“What of your heart, Savaric?”

“Fear not, Aunt – my heart will survive... as will Foxwoods,” he said as he gave her a smile before releasing her hands. Then with a quick bow he walked out of the great hall.



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