Friday, 31 January 2014


Hi everyone,

Today I thought I would talk a bit about the inspiration of my latest story.

I have just finished the first draft of my medieval fantasy, Black is the Colour.

I stumbled across a picture some time ago on Bigstock (and yes I bought it), it was an atmospheric photo of a girl surrounded by ravens.


In my head it mixed with the lyrics of an old traditional song and a half forgotten fairytale.
Anyway, I still have to edit the story before I send it off and hopefully find it a home. It is the first in a series and I’ve just started writing the next instalment. This story is about ravens and the next is about wolves.
But I thought I would share some of the inspiration behind Black is the Colour today.



Black is the Colour...


Ciana loves Oran and vows that nothing will separate them. But her father has other plans and will do anything to stop their love, even if he has to turn to the dark magic of a witch to do it.

Oran knows that he doesn’t deserve Ciana. She is a lady and he is nothing but the village blacksmith. But their love is stronger than the metal he forges and welds. She has his heart and he will never turn from her no matter the cost.

Separated, Ciana will need all her strength to journey through the deep forest and save Oran from the witch’s curse. Alone and with only a trail of black feathers to follow, Ciana will fight against the odds and attempt to bring her lover home.

Black is the colour of my true love’s hair
His lips are like some roses fair
He has the sweetest smile and the gentlest hands
And I love the ground whereon he stands
I love my love and well he knows
I love the ground whereon he goes
I wish that day would soon come
When he and I can be as one
Traditional Folk Song

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