Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Hi everyone,
Sorry I’ve been slack and haven’t posted Bewitching Blurbs.
No, I haven’t been hiding or abducted by aliens. I’m in the middle of edits for McKellan’s Run, so once they’re done I’ll get back to blogging & writing.
So while I’m buried under a sea of printed pages, hi lighters and sticky notes – I’ll leave you a friend to keep you company until I make it back.

Hmmm, he looks pretty serious maybe he needs a bit of cheering up. I’m sure I can leave him in your capable hands. 
He’s inspiration for a story I’ve got on the back burner and from his intense stare I’d say he’s smouldering...lol.  

Thanks for stopping by and I promise to be back soon. J

Nicóle xx 

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