Friday, 28 February 2014

Spotlight - Sherilee Gray + Giveaway

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Today we have the lovely Sherilee Gray visiting. Sherilee’s novella - Lone Wolf’s Captive has just been released by Escape Publishing.

Welcome Sherilee and thanks for stopping by for a chat. J


What type of romance do you write?


I write paranormal romance, but have been known to dabble with contemporary.



What comes first, the plot or characters?


Characters always come first for me, usually the hero, and because my heroes are usually deeply scarred in some way, I have to then work out what made this completely messed up character the way they are. The plot usually follows.



Are you working on anything at the present?


I’m editing By the Tail, a category length, shifter suspense story. This one with big cats. Then it’s on to editing the rough draft of A Wolf’s Deception, the story that comes after Lone Wolf’s Captive, and features Gage, a character that made a small appearance near the end of the book.



How long have you been writing?


Since April 2009! So nearly five years!



What advice would you give an aspiring author?


Write as often as you can. Research, read a lot, and work on your craft. Read blogs and books on writing, but only take what works for you! And most importantly, don’t give up.


Lone Wolf’s Captive

He let her father chase him off once, but this time nothing is getting in his way.

Fletcher Stone was forced out of the pack life, and now he makes his living as a hired thug, living day-to-day without honour or commitments. Shame over his choices and his lifestyle keep him from returning to the pack to claim Delaney — the woman who holds his heart. But when a rival pack hires him to kidnap her, Fletcher takes his chance. Now he must convince her that he never wanted to leave…and reveal a betrayal that will break her heart.
Delaney Jones has spent the last five years convinced the man she loves is dead. Nothing else would keep him from her. So when Fletcher shows up, whole, healthy, and very much alive, she’s devastated — and pissed off. He broke her heart once and he's never going to get close enough to do it again.
A Snippet:
He kept staring her, like he was trying to figure something out, or more likely figure her out, and that pissed her off even more.
Finally he said, “You wanna watch a movie?”
She was momentarily stunned into silence. “Do I what?”
He shrugged. “A movie.” He went to stand in front of a large shelf built into the wall. “I’ve got action, action or action? Sorry, no chick flicks,” he said over his shoulder.
She stared at his back in disbelief. “Are you shitting me?”
“Nope. I hate that cheesy shit.” He pulled a DVD from the shelf.
Had he always been this irritating? A throb started at her temples. “You expect me to just sit here and watch a movie with you?”
He shrugged again. “I’m in the mood. Die Hard, Lethal Weapon or Commando?”
What the hell?

“I’m not watching a goddamned movie with you, Fletcher.” Her voice sounded shrill to her own ears, and she was more than a little pleased when he winced. “Cut the bullshit and tell me what’s going on.”
His light mood evaporated. “I will. I’ll tell you everything. When you’re ready to hear it.”
Pig-headed, arrogant, egotistical bastard!
She knew the stubborn expression on his face, had seen it many times before. It was useless arguing with him when he was like this. So instead, she crossed her arms over her chest, wishing the eyeball daggers she was shooting his way had the ability to pierce skin.
He grinned. Grinned.
Utter, complete bastard!
Sherilee Gray’s always had a big (some may say warped) imagination, and as a kid scared herself conjuring up tales full of terrifying creatures. All grown up, she still has the big imagination and monsters in her stories… only now they’re chasing their happily ever after. Based in beautiful New Zealand with her extremely supportive husband and their two children, she spends her time writing, hoarding books, and eating copious amounts of chocolate.
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